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Honor-Mould Industry Engineering Ltd (HongKong) was established in 1998 as a joint venture corporate which is located in DongGuan, China. For over a decade of expansion, Honor Mould's team has achieved the recognition of being an international professional plastic mould producer for our customers from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions.

The head-quarter of Honor Mould in DongGuan has the size of 23,900 square feet with a factory and a warehouse. It houses the equipments from large CNC milling machines to various sizes of EDM machines. These enable Honor Mould to produce prototypes, customized moulds and finished products according to client's requirements. Meanwhile, we have a resource pool of 200 loyal employees and some senior employees have over 15 years of experience in the moulding industry. Within the corporate, functional departments are clearly defined, ranging from R&D center, designing and project sector, QC and testing division and international marketing department. With the elite teams and well-equipped facility, we are confident to provide impeccable craftsmanship and long term commitment to precision, excellence and customer satisfaction in mould making.

One hand, Honor Mould strives to present the world-class moulding to meet your needs. Progressively we have expanded our function from a mould provider only to a manufacturer of high-quality-end products to satisfy wider market needs. On the other hand, employee’s career improvement and growth has always been the important concern for the senior management in terms of trainings, EAP and other work-life balance activities. Because we always believe that customer satisfaction and employee’s progress are the basic pipelines for our continuous development and success.

Honor Mould people give you plastic mould expertise and absolute support with comprehensive machinery and competitive prices.

DongGuan Factory
founded in 1998
ShangHai Factory
under construction
DongGuan Factory (Old)
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