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Engineering and Making
Molding and Production
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Engineering and Making
Honor-Mould specializes in integrated solution that requires total CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques for optimum control of quality and to meet delivery deadlines. Our professional designers work in team generating complex mold designs directly in 3D solid assembly. Our aggressive and continual investment in technology is our commitment to reduce the time and cost of each and every phase of new product development. According to our opinion and experience, for molds we have to make heavy demands. Only so we can provide a long lifetime, short cycle time and running without effort for proper parts. No re-adjustment for the machine and rework after injections is important.
Once get P.O. from client, we will make PEG report at first time, to ensure the feasibility of mold design.

At the same time,MF report will be made and provide to client with PEG report together, so that details of the mold design can be cleared and realized by client.

A, We are able to provide the mold design drawing and mold-flow analysis required to you after getting your PO three days.

B, In the course of mold manufacturing, we will Email all the manufacturing information to you in the form of progress report and pictures once a week.

C, Before getting your shipping approval, we will trial the mold for 24 hours and take digital pictures for it. Then we will send the running process and result and all other mold information to you with report forms and digital video.

D, Additional service: We will provide you the engineering design and in-house tooling making if required.

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